CNC Wood Routers

We are a family run business and treat our customers that way. We give our internet customers the same service as our local  customers. We believe the purpose of being in business is to create and keep a customer. If we can be successful, create then keep a  customer, we will have completed our goal and hope to have a long relationship with each customer. In doing this we believe we will  continue, survive and thrive.




           Our Mission and Statement

  1.       Honor GOD in all we do and say.
  2.        Helping people.
  3.        To pursue after excellence.
  4.         To grow.

We want through this site to satisfy our customers’ requirements through a process of continuous improvement. It’s a long term commitment aimed at continuously improving the way we work and conduct business.

Contact information:
Sanders Sales
4746 Hwy 151
LaGrange, WY 82221
(307) 834-2450

What can a CNC Wood Router do for me?

Or should we ask what won’t a CNC Wood Router do?

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